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Distribute information, assist SMP administration, staff exhibits, and presentations.



Volunteers use their time and experience to help your peers protect their identity, read their Medicare Summary Notices, and avoid getting taken by scammers. They work one-on-one with beneficiaries, give presentations to groups, and represent the SMP at events.

They don't do it alone. SMPs prepare volunteers for this important work with seminars, personalized help, and information they can take home to study.

The future integrity of the health care system depends upon you. Join the effort to help save our precious health care dollars for the care that you may some day need.


Become a Volunteer



Here's a few ways you can serve your  community as an SMP Volunteer:

Provide one-on-one counseling to beneficiaries to assist in resolving billing issues

Give public presentations to various groups on the SMP Program focusing on how to identify and report

   billing errors, fraud and abuse

Represent SMP at health fairs and outreach events by manning the exhibit booth

Identify and contact community groups to promote the services of the SMP Program




How to become an SMP Volunteer


Download our SMP Volunteer Packet

Contact your local SMP office

Complete the SMP application, screening interview and background check

Complete the orientation training

Progressive training must be completed to volunteer in the various volunteer roles



SMP Volunteer roles


Administration assistance

This role involves such work as copying, filing, data entry, and placing outbound phone calls in support of SMP activity.


Distributing information

This role involves transporting and disseminating SMP information materials to sites and events, and may include presenting prepared copy or performing scripted activities for small groups.


Staffing exhibits

This role involves staffing information kiosks or exhibits at events such as health fairs. Volunteers who staff exhibits provide general information about SMP to the public and answer simple inquiries.


Group presentations

This role involves giving substantive presentations on SMP topics to small and large groups, with the opportunity for interaction with the audience during time set aside for Q & A and discussion.



This role involves direct discussion with beneficiaries about their individual situations and may include review of personal information such as Medicare Summary Notices, billing statements and other related financial and health documents.


Complex issues and referrals

This role involves in-depth interactions with beneficiaries who are reporting specific instances of health care fraud, error, and abuse. Volunteers who serve in this role may act on behalf of a beneficiary to correct an error or refer suspected fraud and abuse to appropriate authorities.


These are areas of progressive training Volunteers can receive


SMP Orientation

Provides an overview of the expectations, duties, training and application requirements of the SMP Volunteer program.


SMP Foundations

Provides a foundation of knowledge in three main areas: the SMP program, Medicare basics, and Medicare fraud and abuse.


SMP Group Education

Provides the necessary skills and resources to give presentations consistently to a group of Medicare beneficiaries, caregivers and other applicable groups.


SMP Counselor Training

Provides the necessary skills and resources to handle one-on-one counseling sessions and simple inquiries.


SMP Complex Issues and Referrals

Provides training in the process of managing complex issues and, when necessary, conducting referrals to the appropriate government organization.



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